Founded in 2014, the Byline project is the result of a partnership between two entities, the company Ditto Housewares, which since 2002 has been operating in the market for kitchenware and gadgets, and a Design Agency, providing services in areas of product design and communication. Of distinc nature, the intrinsic duality of the team results in a unique project in the market.

- Our Mission -

To provide beautiful, high quality and functional furniture items that add beauty, warmth, and inspiration to our customers homes and enrich the space environment of hotels groups, branded modern hotels, contemporary hostels, and small independents alike, pubs and coffees and other public places.

- Our Vision -

Our vision is to be a well-know and desirable company, to continue the process of offering superior quality products in the world of furniture and decor with the main goal of becoming the prefered partner in indoor furnitures distributors.

- Meet the Team. Who are We? -

We are passionate about furniture and decoration, especially our growing collection of original and exclusive design. We are dedicated to selling a family of furnitures items, with a design specialized in modern, playfull and clean furniture. Our collections feature quality, and simple, clean lines that highlight the true beauty of form. These qualities reflect our guiding principles of utility, quality and simplicity.


We not only provide beautiful and enduring collection of deluxe furniture items with the highest quality at a reasonable price, we also ensure the best value and service through an informative, enjoyable and positive buying experience guaranteed to our customers in every phase of the sale process, from greeting, to selection, to delivery, and beyond.

Our Costumers

A company to succeed needs its customers and we pride ourselfs on understanding and staying close to our customers needs and requirements. While everyone is unique we will respond proactively and differently to our customers ensuring that complete customer satisfation remains our top priority.

Our Employees

Well-trained and highly motivated employees are the most valuable resource of any organisation.
Byline Team strive to develop the knowledge and is committed to selecting, training the skills of our staff.

Our Partners

We value our business partners and the important role they play in supporting our company and so we aim to promote long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with them.